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The NT Family is a large and noble family tied to each other with love and respect and whose roots date back to 8000 years ago, with its workers in all the marble quarries and all the its factories located in its geography extending from the Black Sea in the north of Anatolia, its homeland, to the Mediterranean in the South. The close relatives of this family, are proud to create a huge NT family. integrated with its valuable customers located all over the world starting from Turkey. In this NT Family, beauties multiply as they are shared, and troubles disappear as they are also shared. The only thing that does not disappear is the concept of the NT family.

About Us


It produces and markets high quality marble stones by making added value gained by our country with the identity of a producer-exporter.


With our innovative production, R & D unit and top-level technology and with its infrastructure, it is among the leading institutions of the market.


With over 70 years of experience and with its passionate, skilled and experienced team, it can undertake all kinds of projects and all stages for all kinds of needs.


The most important way of delivering quality marble and natural stone products to prestigious and privileged projects depends on production quality and standards.

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